It is unseasonably warm for late February, although the ground remains frozen from winter’s normally frigid cold. There were several good snow falls from late December until earlier this month, but for the last two weeks it’s done nothing but rain. This morning, the sky is gray with a bit of blue peeking through the […]


The month has been hot and humid. The best time to walk and think during the heat is very early in the morning. The sun has been up for several hours and the air is thick and heavy. Everything is still. The cooler shade of the woods is the only place to escape the heat. […]


“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” -Charles Bukowski Charles Bukowski was an influential, 20th century, German American poet and novelist. For Christmas several years ago, my daughters gave me a sketch book with the above quotation written inside the front cover. […]

Unintentional Painting

Drawing is something I have always done. When I began painting, I formulated an approach that necessitated a consistent commitment of time, and when I chose to have a family, I knew there would be concessions necessary. I would no longer have the luxury of time to paint plein air and consistently work in my […]

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